Thursday, May 1, 2014

Memorial Day weekend means it is time for the 2014 Texas State Foosball Championships!

    Memorial Day weekend means it is Texas State time again! Foosers will be traveling from across the nation, converging in Dallas over the holiday weekend to compete for a coveted Texas State Foosball Title. This event pays out $20,000 and payout have increased many years with large turnouts. Book your rooms now!

 The Texas State Championships of Foosball is a smoothly ran, grandaddy of a state event.  This tournament Hosted by Steve Murray, David Radack, Foos Inc, and an incredible support staff. A plentiful amount of new Tornado Coin Op Tournament Tables will be provided by Charles Macintosh of Jim Stevens and the InsideFoos team will be there recording the action ( Carlos Hernandez will be there doing field reporting for his website . Carlos did a great interview last year with me but unfortunately cannot access it. If any readers were able to download the picture of the stream, email me. I have attended this tournament nearly every year for two decades. I was honored to be nominated for the Out of State spot of the Texas Legends award and was looking forward to returning to see friends, foos it up. Unfortunately, I have recently started a new job and it is necessary for me to work this holiday weekend.

Scroll down and check out the articles on the 2013 Texas State Championships including full results, awards ceremony coverage, and ball room pictures. This year will be in a bigger and even better ballroom! Foos on!!

Last years Friday night opening article with pictures of old ballroom. This year the ballroom will be bigger and better!

2013 Texas Legends Article

Full results from the 2013 Texas State Championships

Need to print off a copy of the Texas State flyer or view in pdf format?