Monday, February 3, 2014

Austin Startup Games: Foosball helps raise more than $57,000 for charity! SpareFoot team takes home the gold for second year!!

   Foosball was part of the great Austin Startup Games, that raised more that $57,000 for charity and over 500 pounds of food for the Capitol Area Food Bank! The Austin Startup Games began in 2012. The brainchild of a group of area CEOs with the idea of a fun day of competitions aimed at bringing people together while raising money for charity.  What began with 8 teams in 2012 has doubled to 16 teams representing a 16 different charities. The competitors were competing for the bragging rights and the coveted gold medal in a fun atmosphere that drew in spectators from the community.

     After an elaborate opening ceremony (Video of 2013 games), competitors faced off in a half day of fun and competition. The sixteen teams will face off in the following events: ping pong, foosball, darts, shuffleboard, flip cup, beer pong, giant Connect4, Pop-A-shot and trivia! Red Solo Cups were plentiful. Spectators came out to partake in the fun while showing support for their friends and community. More event details from the Austin Startup Games.

     The team from repeated their gold medal performance. The UShip team took second and Capitol Factory team came in third. The charities of these 3 teams were the true winners! The higher the team finished the bigger the check. With SpareFoot winning the largest check for the Kureit Kidney Cancer research in the amount of $23,000!

  “SpareFoot’s incredible team spirit was on display Saturday, when we absolutely dominated the Austin Startup Games,” said co-founder and CEO Chuck Gordon, who could hardly contain his post-triumph excitement. “While last year was a close 26-23 victory, this year we pulled ahead and won 31-15. SpareFoot bleeds gold!”

    The team took home the gold in Foosball and 4 other events.(previous SpareFoot article including interview with Jim Stevens)

SpareFoot gold medal winners:
  • Flip cup: Geni Glynn, Stuart Maynard, Andrew Reese, Matt Stites, Josh West and Jenny Zhang.
  • CEO Mystery Event (blind-folded labyrinth): Chuck Gordon, Brett Chauvière, Willa Glesener, Cory Michner and Austin Wagner.
  • Beer pong: Evan Huston and Michael Wright.
  • Foosball: John Durrett and Mario Feghali.
  • Pop-A-Shot: Jacob Kouhana.
SpareFoot Silver medal winners:
  • Connect 4: Rob Gonzales.
  • Shuffleboard: Itzett Romero and Kyle Shelton.
    The SpareFoot team was also well represented in the Austin Startup Games. Richard Pederson competed in the dart event. Benoit Baudon de Mony brought his paddle to the ping pong event. Michael Balagia, Tyler Chamberlain, Storie Cunningham, and Elena Savastona rounded out the rest of the SpareFoot team putting their 2 cents into the triva event.

   The SpareFoot team raised more than $23,000 in the battle against cancer!! Cancer SUCKS! It has ripped through my family including taking those that I loved and forcing others to battle for their life.  Forget the current tournament formats. Here is an out of the box answer for our game. Uniting companies to raise money for others and having a great time doing it! Team building, Community Outreach, and beer! Sounds like a win in my book!!  Congratulations again to the SpareFoot team and kudos the the organizers of the incredible Austin Startup Games. Check out for more information on their business and the future Austin Startup Games. FOOS ON!!