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Results from the 2013 Warrior Super Doubles at Runaway Bay

   Congratulations to all the winners. Inside Foosball was on hand so you can order the DVD and watch the big names of Pappas, Spredeman,Mares, Loffredo, and others battle it out on the Warrior table. the pictures of the venue were beautiful and friends reported having a blast!!  Big Boomer Sooner props to the foosers from my state of Oklahoma that traveled to Texas and did great on the Warrior table! Women's Open Doubles and Singles Champions Elizabeth Hill Moore with California partner Christina FucHs , Semi Pro Doubles Champions Nick Freeman and Tommy Ackerman, Amateur Doubles and Singles Champion Onney Smith with partner Amateur Doubles Champion Gary Freeman. Oklahoma teams represented 1/2 the teams qualifying for Super doubles! Congratulations again and Foos On!! 

Official Results from the Warrior Super Doubles 
Runaway Bay, Texas.
August 23-25, 2013

Super Doubles
Champion Michael Stahl / Michael Bridgman (Junior)
2nd Todd Loffredo / Trevor Park (Open)
3rd Billy Pappas / Rob Atha (Pro)
4th Tommy Ackerman / Nick Freeman (Semi-pro)
5th Liz Hill / Christina Fuchs (Women)
6th Brendan Flahery / Ken Oda (Senior)
6th Onney Smith / Gary Freeman (Amateur)

Warrior Open Doubles
Champion Todd Loffredo/ Trevor J Park
2nd Robert Mares / Tony Spredeman
3rd Warren Vanlandingham / Vu Cao
4th Evan Stachelek / Chuck Pistole
5th Billy Pappas / Rob Atha
5th Art Mariano / Jason Darkside Andrews
7th John Zoller / Brendan Flaherty
7th Tony Martinez / Roger Rodriguez
9th Arthur Mitchell / Mike Johnston
9th Michael Stahl / Michael Bridgman
9th Mike Green / Scott Stamatakis
9th Nick Freeman / Tommy Ackerman
13th Paul Renken / Steve Mohs
13th Mark Davis/ Ed Geer
13th Christian Dunn / Simon Edwards
13th Tony Barlow / Bo Keener
17th Tommy Chapman / Steven Simons
17th Christina Fuchs / Liz Hill
17th Bruce Wynn / Greg Jackson
17th Shane Arnold / Sheri Chapman
17th Darcy Scaife / Jason Wicks
17th Danny Lynch / Spirit Mollice
17th Ken Oda / Karen Lamano

USTSF Pro Doubles
Champion Rob Atha / Billy Pappas
2nd Jason Wicks / Darcy Scaife
3rd Paul Renken / Steve Mohs
4th Tony Martinez / Roger Rodriguez
5th Simon Edwards/ Christian Dunn
5th Michael Stahl / Michael Bridgman
7th Art Mariano / Gena Murray
7th Arthur Mitchell / Mike Johnston
9th John Zoller / Brendan Flaherty

ITSF Open Singles
Champion Tony Spredeman
2nd Steve Mohs
3rd Robert Mares
4th Todd Loffredo
5th Art Mariano
5th Michael Bridgman
7th Bo Keener
7th Danny Lynch
9th Tommy Chapman
9th Darcy Scaife
9th Simon Edwards
9th Paul Renken
13th Christian Dunn
13th Roger Rodriguez
13th Tony Martinez
13th Onney Smith
17th Greg Jackson
17th Nick Freeman
17th Ben Cornett
17th Tommy Ackerman
17th Ed Geer
17th Bruce Wynn
17th Mark Davis
17th Arthur Mitchell
25th Steven Simons

Women's Open Doubles
Champion Liz Hill / Christina Fuchs
2nd Traci Brubaker / Tommie Bagley
3rd Stephanie Dean / Karen Lamano
4th Gena Murray / Sheri Chapman
5th Vivian Park / Brittany Cersosimo

Women's Open Singles
Champion Liz Hill
2nd Traci Brubaker
3rd Christina Fuchs
4th Stephanie Dean
5th Karen Lamano
5th Sheri Chapman

Pro/Am DYP
Champion Billy Pappas / Steven Simons
2nd Tony Spredeman/ Shane Arnold
3rd Todd Loffredo/ Gary Freeman
4th Warren Vanlandingham/ William Adams
5th Trevor J Park/ Karen Lamano
5th Steve Mohs / Darcy Scaife
7th Rob Atha / Mark Jones
7th Art Mariano / Jason Darkside Andrews
9th Liz Hill/ Simon Edwards
9th John Zoller / Scott Stamatakis
9th Tommy Chapman / Michael Stahl
9th Michael Bridgman / Jason Wicks
13th Brian Salke / Spirit Mollice
13th Paul Renken / Sheri Chapman
13th Christina Fuchs / Bo Keener
13th Robert Mares/ Stephanie Dean
17th Sam Harper / Ethan Young
17th Mike Johnston/ Mike Green
17th Christian Dunn / Ken Oda
17th Chuck Pistole / Vivian Park
17th Ben Cornett / Brendan Flahery

Warrior Mixed Doubles
Champion Stephanie Dean / Warren Vanlandingham
2nd Billy Pappas / Karen Lamano
3rd Traci Brubaker / Todd Loffredo
4th Gena Murray / Rob Atha
5th Robert Mares / Liz Hill
5th Christina Fuchs / Paul Renken
7th Brittany Cersosimo / Evan Stachelek
7th Steve Mohs/ Sheri Chapman
9th Tony Spredeman / Vivian Park
9th Tommie Bagley / Art Mariano

Semi Pro Doubles
Champion Nick Freeman / Tommy Ackerman
2nd Karen Lamano / Jason Darkside Andrews
3rd Simon Edwards / Darcy Scaife
4th Ed Geer / Mark Davis
5th Brittany Cersosimo / Jason Wicks
5th Brian Salke / Ken Oda
7th Spirit Mollice / Danny Lynch
7th Traci Brubaker / Tommie Bagley
9th Tony Barlow / Bo Keener
9th Tommy Chapman/ Steven Simons
9th Onney Smith / Jerry Pierce
9th Bruce Wynn / Greg Jackson
13th Shane Arnold / Sheri Chapman

Semi Pro Singles
Champion Simon Edwards
2nd Michael Stahl
3rd Onney Smith
4th Bo Keener
5th Mark Davis
5th Tommy Ackerman
7th Darcy Scaife
7th Danny Lynch
9th Ed Geer
9th Nick Freeman
9th Shane Arnold
9th Steven Simons
13th Tommy Chapman
13th Greg Jackson
13th Ben Cornett
13th Mike Johnston
17th Bruce Wynn

Senior Doubles
Champion Brendan Flaherty / Ken Oda
2nd Spirit Mollice / Danny Lynch
3rd Mark Jones / Melvin Payton

Senior Singles
Champion Spirit Mollice
2nd Onney Smith
3rd Ed Geer
4th Melvin Payton
5th Bruce Wynn

Amateur Doubles
Champion Onney Smith / Gary Freeman
2nd William Adams / Ethan Young
3rd Richard Guerra / Ernie Rascon
4th Kevin Buckley / Ben Cornett

Amateur Singles
Champion Onney Smith
2nd Mike Johnston
3rd William Adams
4th Gary Freeman
5th Ben Cornett

Junior Singles
Champion Michael Bridgman
2nd Michael Stahl

Junior Doubles
Michael Stahl / Michael Bridgman

Tornado World Championships Labor Day Weekend 2013

   Keep up with brackets and online streaming at and go to for player updates, discussions, and insight. Good luck and safe travels to everyone making the trip. Foos On!! 

Worlds flyer page 1Worlds flyer page 2

Monday, August 19, 2013

Support the USA Women's World Cup Team!!

    The USA Women's World Cup Foosball needs you help. We have a great team wanting to bring the world cup home to America but the expense is over $15,000 to make the journey. Fundraising efforts are underway across the nation to help offset the out of pocket expense. A donation of any amount helps! Snag some World cup swag for yourself by donating at least $35. This team is filled with talent, experience, and have the desire to win. Take a few moments and show your support! Foos on!!

$25 Donation - Receive Autographed Photo of Team Members
$35 Donation - Receive Inside Foos DVD
$50 Donation - Receive Both
From Elizabeth Hill-Moore
"On behalf of our Professional Foosball Women's Team, my project is quite simple. We want to represent the United States in the World Cup of Table Soccer that will be held in Nantes, France in January 2014. Our project goal is to bring home the Gold Medal for our country. We would like to raise funds for each team member that will cover our flight, hotel, uniform, car rental and meals. We will be thankful for every dollar! The team would like to join the success that the U.S. men's team has achieved over the last few years and I believe that we have the members to bring home the gold! As of now, 7 out of 8 of our team members has been playing professional foosball for over 20 years and has earned the rank of Master which is the highest rank one can attain on the professional tour. The reason it has been difficult for such a talented group of women to bring home the medals is that most of us are busy with our careers and families. However, it seems that we are blessed with this unique opportunity where this many Master ranked women can be available this year to have one of the best U.S. women's team to date! Please help us achieve our dreams!"