Saturday, July 6, 2013

Interview with Texas State Champions Women's Doubles Champion Liz Moore and Melanee Tosh.

    This article I am going to interview the Oklahoma Women’s Doubles duo of Melanee Tosh and Liz Hill. This veteran team is hot off their 3rd victory together at the Texas State Foosball Championships.  At one time, 5 of the top 25 female players in the world were living in Tulsa, Oklahoma area. A couple ladies have retired (Stephanie Dean and Diane Park) from tour play while Liz Moore (formerly Hill), Melanee Tosh, and Kathy Adkisson (formerly Richey) are still regularly making it to the finals and bringing titles home to the Sooner state.
     The three Oklahoma ladies squared off at the last month’s Texas State Championships. Kathy played with Texas Legend Gena Murray and took the Winner’s bracket beating Melanee and Liz in the double elimination event. Liz and Melanee beat the Colorado team of Amy Stevens and Sheri Chapman  for the loser’s bracket setting up a replay against Adkisson and Murray in the finals.  The two set finals went a long four games with Melanee and Liz coming out victorious. Claiming their third Texas State Women’s Doubles title!

Question: What was the first tournament you played together? Did you guys feel instant chemistry?

<Liz>  “I am not sure what tournament we first played together. It had to have been in 1991. I remember that I played against Mel and Charlene in a finals match of maybe tour Kickoff and lost. I recall how tough it was to score on Mel and I loved her competitiveness. I think we hooked up for the Nationals in 1991 for our first tournament together and we won. We went on to win the next two Nationals making it three years in a row. No doubt about the chemistry. I can even call it instant trust. It was just easy to play with her. Still is 20 something years later."

<Melanee> “Liz is right we played against each other at Kick Off and we played Nationals together. The rest is history. I have to say that it was instant chemistry when we played. I never worry about what my happen because Liz will always play the best she can at that time. Neither of us give up easy. Plus when you love and respect the person too it’s that much better.”
Question: The competition was brutal and the brackets were bigger in those days. What other USTSA major tour stops  did you two win as a team?

<Liz> “We won 1992 kickoff,1992 masters, 1992 nationals. we were in the finals of us open and worlds and lost in in that year we were in every final.” “We have 3 Texas State wins since we came out of retirement but can’t remember if we won any in the early years.”

Question: Liz won Female forward of the Year in 92 and 93. Liz, did you become number one female in the USTSA points while playing with Melanee? Melanee what was the highest rank you hit in the USTSA ratings?

<Liz> I think I did rank #1 while playing with Mel.

<Melanee> I think we were ranked 1st and 2nd for a while

Question: Amazing how many titles you have won together over the last two decades. What was the biggest contributing factor to the team's prolonged success?

<Liz> “Prolonged success comes from the instant chemistry in the beginning and a deep respect for each other that comes from a very close friendship for over 20 years. I love Melanee...we have been through much together. I guess aside from chemistry and friendship we both had raw competitive are still pretty freakn good with a ton of experience”

<Melanee> “Trust, determination and grit. We always seem to step in when the other needs it. And like Liz said our love and respect for each other.”

Question: After winning 3 of the last 4 Texas State Championships, do you plan on returning next year to defend your title and going for 4 out of 5?

 <Melanee> “I sure hope so. One of my favorite tournaments”

<Liz> “I hope to continue to win Texas State and the Bart O’ too!!”

    What an amazing record and stack of titles you ladies have accumulated and the team does not appear to be slowing down! Great accomplishment considering all the great players of that era and currently playing.  For 20 years these two Oklahoma Pro Master ladies have bringing home foosball championship titles to the Sooner State! Thanks to both Melanee and Liz for taking time to answer the questions. Good luck on your continued success! FOOS ON!!

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