Saturday, March 11, 2017

2017 Torndao IFP Foosball Hall of Fame Classic


   The Flamingo Hotel and Casino will once again be the host for the $50,000 Hall of Fame Classic! Live Streaming up during event with results posted after. Top Pro Masters and players of every rank will be in attendance.    For more in-depth information on the 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees check out this post on by IFP Director of Public Relation, Michelle Moore.  
Congratulations to the goalie that owned the 90's Bobby Diaz and was under rated as a forward. The Foosball champion Ken Rivera. Then Oklahoma's own Liz Hill! One of the greatest female players of all time!! I did a interview with Liz and future Hall of Fame Goalie Melanee Tosh. Check it out here

    I would like to take a personal moment to again bring light to an Oklahoma Open Tornado World champion who has not been inducted and deserves the honor. Kevin Keeter was the first Oklahoma foosball power house that dominated the Tulsa scene for more than a generation. 

   In the late 70's, the Nationals, the largest Tornado tournament of the time, came to the Camelot Hotel in Tulsa. The Finals of Open Doubles was decided not by the final point BUT by an overtime call from the stage. Unprecedented and no one has ever heard of such a thing happening again.  Kevin and Mark Keeter played in the finals against the ame against the Texas team of Ronnie Lewis and Tony Turner. When Turner and Lewis went up 3-2 tournament organizers called overtime and gave the title to Turner and Lewis.

     In 1985, Kevin won his first World Championship taking the Open Singles title home from Dallas, Texas to Oklahoma. Kevin won matches against Todd Loffredo and Don Swan. In the final Keven beat Hall of Fame member Steve Murray. 1986 marked back to back World Championship wins for Kevin in the Open division.  Partner Jimmie Hale and Kevin took top honors winning the Open Mixed. In 1989 Kevin returned to the finals of Open Doubles with the late Kenny Garwood coming in second to Hall of Fame member Tom Spear and partner Gus Trevino. Two years later Kevin would capture the final jewel of the the main open events, winning Open Doubles with partner John Smith. My hope is that next year the members of the Hall of Fame will remember Kevin Keeter. 

   Live streaming, results and flyers on future tournaments can be found at 
 Discuss the action online at Buy a digital copy or DVD of the event at Great to see Mark Torres back in the both with Jim Steven's! The commentary is going to be back to epic levels with this duo in the booth!!  Don't forget to "like

   Viva Las Vegas! Good luck and safe travel foosers! Check out the 100 hand video poker if you want to earn some mean tier points with the Total Rewards program. If your going to gamble at least try to get somethings on the house.  I never played well at the Las Vegas tournament, I loved the town to much to focus on foosball. True Story. Don't let the town distract you are make sure to balance the two worlds. I have watched the finals of Open events altered because of player drawn to late night sessions at the poker table. Stay focused and Foos on!! 

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